SpotterRF Joins EDGE® Innovation Network

Edge NetworkSpotterRF announced today it has joined the EDGE® Innovation Network, a collaborative, open-environment initiative enabling industry and academia, with government input, to work together to enhance the delivery cycle of new technologies and innovative capabilities to warfighters and first responders.

“We are excited to participate in the EDGE program.” stated Logan Harris CEO. “It represents a valuable relationship through which we can more quickly innovate with the operator community and provide them with the Compact Surveillance Radar technology they need to accomplish their missions and protect themselves in all types of hostile environments.”

Pete Palmer, EDGE Innovation Network director, said, “The EDGE provides a new military and government acquisition paradigm by using both physical and virtual environments where EDGE members and users can collaborate and innovate together to deliver gap-filling capabilities in months rather than years.”

Sponsored by General Dynamics C4 Systems, there are seven EDGE Innovation Centers worldwide and over 180 EDGE members. Recent new members include General Dynamics Land Systems, Sterling Heights, Mich.; Raytheon BBN Technologies Corp., Cambridge, Mass.; WindTamer Corp., Rochester, N.Y.; Information Is Power, Houston, Texas; and Sherborne Sensors., Wyckoff, N.J. More information can be found online at

SpotterRF is located in Orem, Utah, and is the industry leader in a new class of radar called Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR). Until recently, radar surveillance has only been available in large force protection systems. Now, warfighters in remote combat outposts can deploy SpotterRF M600C radars and have all-weather threat detection, night or day. The M600C is the world’s smallest wide area surveillance radar that tracks dismounts throughout its 150 acres of coverage while weighing only 3.5 lbs and consuming a mere 10 watts of power. For more information, visit


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