SpotterRF & ESC BAZ take Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) International

Washington, DC (PRWEB) October 22, 2012

SpotterRF today announced integration of its patented compact radar with Israel-based ESC BAZ’s Rooster Man-Portable Video Surveillance System (Israeli Pavilion booth #1964). The integration of SpotterRF’s breakthrough compact surveillance radar provides wide area intrusion detection of more than 150 acres and 90 degrees per radar unit regardless of weather conditions or visibility. Combined, Rooster and SpotterRF provide the world’s smallest motion tracking and surveillance system.

“Homeland security and rapid threat response using quick deployment man-portable security is our focus here,” said Benny Zviran, CEO of ESC BAZ. “SpotterRF compact radar extends the coverage area of our system and cues our smart cameras for faster, more reliable threat detection. Our combined solution provides the smallest, most rapidly deployed system available. It is tough to defeat.”

ESC BAZ ( is the second international integrator (NASAM of Japan is currently working on SpotterRF integration) to receive U.S. government clearance to import this advanced U.S. technology. Their interest in SpotterRF stems from their need for smaller, faster, lighter technology with low power consumption. Previously, the coverage and functionality of SpotterRF was only available through bulky large force protection systems like BETSS-C or G-BOSS.

SpotterRF radar was developed for elite forces to protect critical infrastructure on the home front and abroad. SpotterRF’s Network Hub automatically detects and manages attached radars for 360 degree coverage, and provides a secure Web-based user interface compatible with PCs, Android tablets and smart phones. This plug and play design makes it easy to use.

“ESC BAZ understands the urgency of responding to homeland security threats,” said Logan Harris, CEO for SpotterRF. “Their Rooster system integrated with SpotterRF radar provides a powerful tool for defeating danger on the perimeter.”

System delivery is expected by year end through ESC BAZ. 
About SpotterRF 
SpotterRF provides the world’s most advanced compact surveillance radar (CSR) system for affordable wide area security and small force protection. Made in the USA and engineered for extreme conditions, Spotter technology is the most compact, light-weight, energy efficient, and cost-effective ground radar system for critical infrastructure and elite warfighter requirements. SpotterRF is a privately held company. For a data sheet, visit

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