SpotterRF highlighted on KSL TV

KSL TV examines the use of Compact Surveillance Radar for perimeter security for small and medium sized airports

Aside from interior security screening protocols, barbed wire fencing is usually all that stands between the public and airport property. The physical barriers can usually be crossed with little effort, said Logan Harris, CEO at SpotterRF, an Orem-based surveillance technology company.

SpotterRF has been deploying ground surveillance radar systems at military establishments throughout the country for several years. Their programs have the ability to detect movement beyond and inside fence lines and alert personnel of a security breach before it is too late, Harris said.

“Airports often cover a very large area and cameras alone cannot get 24/7 coverage of that space,” he said, adding that some large, high-profile airports can afford to have multiple layers of radar surveillance, which can be costly and complex. Smaller airports have limited resources and often have to forgo such technology, which can present a greater security risk.

“Physical barriers alone are not sufficient to stop someone from getting into the airport,” Harris said, alluding to Tuesday’s incident at the St. George airport. Had the airport had some ground radar system in place, he said the SkyWest employee who jumped the fence there would’ve been detected the second he came near the fence.


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