Fog Horn Blog – SpotterRF Announces Spotter Shield Mobile at SOFIC 2014

SpotterRF Announces Spotter Shield Mobile at SOFIC 2014

SpotterRF made its debut at SOFIC 2012. SpotterRF is a man packable radar system operating in the X-Band spectrum at 10Ghz. The technology is based the fairly straightforward concept of using a radar system while conducting an operation or at an FOB to provide security. SpotterRF can detect enemy movement in and around the perimeter. The array can be configured with multiple heads and can be tripod, pole or tree mounted to get a clear line of sight.

At this year’s SOFIC conference, the company introduced Spotter Shield Mobile. The Shield Mobile enables up to 360-degree field of view to a range of up to 1500 meters regardless of weather, day or night.  The system includes a embedded NetworkedIO server built-in with a rugged Ethernet hub that cues a low light PoE camera and creates other alarms. Spotter’s technologies reliably detect intruders that entered your perimeter day or night, and in all types of weather; classify the intruder; communicate the existence of the intruder to the response team; and then respond to neutralize the threat prior to that threat inflicting damage. Spotter Shield Mobile meets the first three criteria in a COTS cost-effective package.

For more information about the system visit


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