ASIS Rollout of Newest, Widest Coverage SpotterRF C950 Radar System

 SpotterRF C950 offers twice the coverage area for wide-open spaces in harsh all-weather conditions   ATLANTA—ASIS 2014—Sept 19, 2014—SpotterRF, a previous ASIS Accolades winner, today announced availability of its newest, widest coverage radar system—the SpotterRF C950. At a trim five pounds, the C950 is extremely lightweight, as with all SpotterRF radar models; Yet, its 300-acre […]

Press Release – Rockwell Collins unveils enhanced Patrol Persistent Surveillance System

(To view the original Rockwell Collins article, click here.) Integrates new sensor data for constant monitoring of threats against military bases, forward observation posts and other secure facilities Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (Sept. 24, 2014) – Rockwell Collins today announced important enhancements to its Patrol Persistent Surveillance System (PPSS) in response to the rapidly evolving requirements […]

Nick’s Fire – This Unique Small Radar Unit Can Help Reduce Security Threats to our Power Grid

Welcome to Guest Blogger  Logan Harris of Spotter RF. (To view original Nick’s Fire – Electrical- Safety & Security Blog article, click here.) Certain weaknesses in the US power grid were exposed after an attack last year on a substation in California. In fact, a coordinated, physical attack on substations could shut down the entire country and […]